Why ‘Yoga for healthy lower backs’?

“Life without back pain enables life to be lived.”

The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB) programme is an evidence-based, recommended mind-body approach to improving back health and function and it gently and progressively, aims go help you happily get back to being more active. Suitable for complete beginners.

Why ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs? YHLB is designed to give life-long benefits. You will be taught to bring the following into your daily life:

  • postural improvements
  • mental focus
  • relaxation and breathing techniques

The YHLB yoga class course format is 12 x 75 minute weekly classes comprising easy foundational yoga poses with weekly themes.

“Life-changing experience after years of frustation”


This single course, education, long-term self management approach offers value for money.

Expect to pay more for these specialised therapeutic small group classes compared to general yoga. No need to wait until your next back episode, before starting – begin now.


The University of York (Department of Health Sciences) ran one of the larges yoga research trials, funded by Arthritis Research UK.

Trained yoga teachers ran specialised 12-week YHLB courses in five areas of the UK. The positive results, showing it to be safe and effective, were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Trial. H Tilbrook, 2011.)

The Cost Evaluation paper in Spine Journal (LH Chuang, 2012) showed it to be cost-effective for the NHS, society and the workplace.

A year after the research group began YHLB yoga, they were still experiencing benefits and the majority were still practising yoga at home for approximately 30 minutes twice a week.


Dates: The next 12-week course is running 1st March 2022 to 24th May 2022 with a week’s break over Easter.

Time: TBC

Location: TBC Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire

Please contact Penny for further details pennystewartyoga@ppapstewart.com .

You will need to purchase a YHLB Resources pack prior to starting the course. This contains:

  • Book
  • Practice sheets
  • Hand-outs
  • 4 relaxation sound tracks (download/CD)

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