About Penny Stewart

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years. I completed my 200 hours yoga teacher training course with Laura Green Yoga and started teaching in April 2018.

I’ve been a GP for over 25 years and through my work I have become very aware of the problems that low back pain causes people.

Indeed I started practicing yoga myself to help with my own postural and back problems.

It is no surprise that I was drawn to complete further training to become a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teacher, an NHS recognised 12 week course for people with low back pain.

What People Say

“Not only have I found them hugely beneficial, but I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed each and every one and have always left feeling far more ‘zen’ than when I arrived!”


“Penny is fantastic at thoroughly explaining how the yoga poses work with anatomical and physiological benefits. Every lesson is different with all levels of challenges and I always leave feeling I have improved my flexibility, strength and balance.”


“Penny’s yoga courses have become vital to our wellbeing she has guided my wife and I safely through the aspects of yoga which are appropriate to us. This has helped maintain core strength, agility, flexibility as well as sorting out long term stiffness and aches and pains. I would highly recommend Penny’s classes to every standard but especially if you are a reluctant beginner like us,12 months ago.

Chris Mitchell

“Penny inspires and challenges us all. Her classes are fun, relaxed and full of wonderful teaching. I leave each week feeling refreshed and energised. It is the highlight of my Monday!”

Elaine Wright

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